Thursday, May 14, 2009

Updates 5/14

So a bunch of things have been happening lately, obviously the most important being my acceptance into an elitist sect of Yale graduates, with far-reaching tentacles of power, known as the Mosquito Fleet!

I've also been working on the Polini Cup 'Plan B' Racer. Most of the principal parts are there & I've done the bulk of the frame and part modifications. There's a considerable amount of work remaining before it will be ready for Polini Cup round #3. Brony of the MF has bet me $150 that when his Gilardoni Puch-Rigid is built and Plan B is complete, he will beat me in a road race. It may be premature, but I'd like to Thank Brony for his generous pledge of sponsorship to Team HRY!

The bike so far is a 1980 Vespa Si with:
-Stock rear monoshock
-Polini 63cc top end w' secret sauce
-Custom Induction (ala Simonini 100cc)
-20mm carb
-Polini variator system
-17" rims w' Michelin M29S
-4-petal reed off a minarelli scooter engine
-Random expansion chamber we found laying around
-?? CDI w' internal rotor ?? still working on that

Anyhoo, should be fun. and fast. I need to get this guy into paint so I can start building it up.

I've also got the furnace finally built. I lugged its ass to to the roof of my building and stole some of the propane for the grill to test it out. Thankfully it works. It's much quieter than my previous set-up, and much cleaner. I was able to sort out all the kinks in it's operation and melt a small amount of aluminum. I wasn't able to stop myself from pouring it into my manifold mold I made. It didn't pour very well, I didn't use my fancy chemicals or clean out the dross very well. I'm going to do a much more calculated pour on some test shapes before I pour my cylinder.


Ian T said...

hooray! I am so excited for all of these things:
Plan B
Tony Race Debacle
CJ Wit On The Members Forum

Philip Patrie said...

A powerhouse of the moped industry since I was just cutting my teeth on Honda expresses. Welcome to the best club on earth.