Saturday, August 29, 2009

Highway to the Dangerzone

Here at Team Nerdspeed, we spare no expense with R&D. Thankfully the US Air Force lent us an F-15C Eagle to help figure out which exhaust to use on Plan B. The kids over at Vespa-Ciao.NL chimed in too. The Calibrata & Fabrizi are the hawt shit pipes to have, but after some 9G-force inverted maneuvers the Simonini Especiale emerged as the best of the best, Goose. A real Maverick...anyways, so after it landed and cooled off, Jack and I gave it a thorough inspection.

Also on board is the Tillotson HL360. I got this on the way, then ordered the velocity stack. It's pretty much beyond awesome. Plan B is getting steadily more ferocious and I'm nearly ready to assemble. Giggity!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Takes a big trough t'feed them ponies, man.

So Plan B's case inducted manifold just got finished by the quality aluminum wizards over at Kvichak Marine, where skeeter Matt Smith works. It's totally awesome and off the chain or something. I'm really excited. I also have a Tillotson HL360 on the way. So hopefully after I repair the exhaust flange on the cylinder, I can actually put this motor together. Woot!

Glamour Shots:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sexiness & Unsexiness

So, stuff has actually been happening during the broadcast black-out of late. I managed to get the lights to sort of work on the super cub, I modified a 28t sprocket to fit on the super cub's rear wheel, replacing the original 40t. It gained like 10mph and is alot more nice to ride. I also removed the decked tomos cylinder, dellorto 16mm and modified biturbo off of the Newport, returning to the slower set-up of a stock hi-torque cylinder, stock exhaust and 14mm bing. I blued up my clutch earlier, well, and clutch pad came off of the the rest of it. Luckily Phil happened to have a Clutch and bing jet around to help me wake the machine up. It rides 'OK' now, I did some silly porting to it and it's not quite jetted right, but it runs! The combination of both the super cub's lights and the newport's running meant that Liz and i got to go on one of those ride things they do on monday. It was Liz's first ride in a group, and her first ride at night (ever x2).

On other frontiers, there's more steam building behind the Plan B bike than ever. Updates to follow on that. werd.