Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Sizzle no Fizzle...

Hot off the grill, check out West Seattle's trick-ass vintage spatula. It's normal when you need to flip a random burger, but when you need like five burgers flipped, or an omelet or pancake...blzzzat! .... two extra bladez pop out:

(did you know that my camera phone sucks balls? It's a fact!)

Plan B is moving right along, but not in time for Polini Cup 2: The Quickening. Most of the principle parts are accounted for, just needs a bunch o' work to get it together. In addition to some technical crap-type decisions, we've decided to go with an (as of now) unauthorized Cat Fancy Magazine paint scheme. As much as we want to represent them -or Kittens USA- they continue to spurn our advances. It's pretty cool that so many shops are taking the Polini Cup seriously, putting their money where their mouth is and making racing awesome, 1977SF in particular. The whole HRY Team is going this weekend, but dollahs are exxtra tight right now. ..and taking off to go race seems extra irresponsible. But then, racing is a difficult mistress to sate. oh, decisions!

Since I don't have much to share right now, I'll leave you with this, enjoy!

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Josh said...

P.S. Sources high in the HRY organization have leaked that the "plan A" HRY race monster super-weapon is nearly hatched from its underground gestation tank.
Polini Cup 3: Judgment Day