Monday, April 13, 2009

"Plan B" Racer

At Team HRY, we are building some of the fastest mopeds ever conceived. SRSLY. But since they match both the performance vectors and cost of an F-22 Raptor, progress is slow in these challenging economic times. (Industrial Designer for hire, btw.) After the Polini Cup last weekend, Dean & I had 13hrs. to think about how to proceed next. We decided that with scraps of this and that laying around the shop, from Dean's pile and a small amount of scrilla, the Team could cobble together another race machine: the "Plan B" racer. It has the following criteria:

X. Good all-around power
Y. High power to weight ratio
Z. Simplicity and durability

Unlike our plan 'A' rocket sleds, veiled in a shadowy cloak of deception and secrecy, this bike will be built with total transparency, as we're going to raffle it off sooner or later, and use the proceeds to further the plan 'A' bikes. The presence of a lot of Vespa gear at the shop and Dean's 3rd place showing on his Ciao encouraged us to go that route. Locating a seized Polini cylinder, piston and head sealed the deal. The 65cc Polini though, isn't much of a powerplant rated at 5.5hp, especially competing against 10+ hp 75cc Gilardonis, Metrakits and "W" port peugeot's etc.. But there is potential, so I had a go at optimizing the port timing and area.

Polini Cylinder Numbers-

Exhaust - 159.14°
Mains - 114.69°
Boost - 85.70°

Exhaust - 186.30°
Mains - 128.6°
Boost - 131.4°

Look for more updates on the quick, we're hoping to get this done ASAP.
Also, we're looking for suggestions on a paint scheme??

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Philip Patrie said...

I will donate $20 for you to paint it to look like me.