Monday, February 27, 2012

That Just Happened.

So... If you're a Moped Army forums regular reader, you might've noticed this epic thread at some point in the last T W O Y E A R S. It started in February, and after much fizzling and farting I decided to take a crack at the project myself in late August. Within a week I had a mediocre result that I could at least take a picture of to indicate progress. I then moved to Portland. A few weeks later I produced my first real result. Then I broke my rig trying improve the extraction process and got a job. After that I basically just forgot about the project -but I kept all the original doo-dads. One year and five months fall off the calendar. Thinking about it every now & again, somebody bumped the thread and I decided to take another swing.  This time around is going much better.


Andrew Buck Michael said...

You going to be selling any of these? I would take two of them off your hands.

Josh said...

Probably. Right now, we're testing them and trying to improve quality. After that, we will likely sell them.

Graham Motzing said...

most hyped moped part ever. i'm just happy to see someone finally shamed that guy.