Monday, October 31, 2011

Seats & Cylinders

           So back in September I worked on a seat, the first I've made in awhile (2002). I think it came out pretty good. Liz gave me a few pointers patterning the pleather and did some of the final sewing of the cover. I built four identical seat frames and one for the smallframe. This is the only finished example so far. Its made out of wood and some high-density foam. Threaded inserts allow it to be mounted on the Vespa Si or a Puch type seat post.

              The other day, thinking about the forthcoming SUPER STOCK class of moped racing in 2012, as well as my old Swamp-Thing Cylinder I decided to bring it in to work on Saturday and spend some quality lathe time. After fabricating a few bushing out of ABS to properly stabilize the cylinder in the lathe (one with a bearing) I was able to get to work. I'm glad now that I went to the trouble to make those bushing, as there will be more work to do with the cylinder. Working with lather-beams can be a sketchy re: dangerous proposition, particularly on your big floppy homemade cylinder. 

            Plans are in the works to bring both my first bike a 1961 Vespa VBB and first moped, a Puch Maxi-Luxe out to the Pacific Northwest. The cylinder will certainly be powering that bike at some point. I bought and rebuilt a hobbit PA50II recently, I'm debating selling it or keeping it, as they are such nice bikes to own.

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Graham Motzing said...

so cool to finally see that cylinder machined up. cant wait to hear how it runs.