Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You gotta Fight, for your Right-

    -for Paaaaarrrrrrrrrking! Josh Jones has wisely, boldly posted on the 'Ideas for Seattle' board of Mayor McGinn's webnet thingy to help legalize parking mopeds on the sidewalk. The board is a popularity contest for any issue anyone wants to put before the mayor, with topics ranging from "sustainability"? to bringing in another NBA team. As it stands, mopeders and scooterists are the frequent target of parking enforcement officers and police, who are often very under-informed about the law regarding our beloved vehicles. Because of this, a regular amount of harassment on the part of Johnny Law is expected from Mopeders and Scooterists. Having gone through this process before in Columbus, I personally believe the law should include all bikes under a certain capacity or size/weight restriction; if for no other reason than to gain the support of the much larger groups of scooters riders in Seattle.

    Some believe that the community is better of not calling attention to itself, living within the blissful ignorance of the cops and meter maids out there. I certainly understand that position, but I feel that as the number of riders in the city increases, we must either get involved in the political process, or we will find ourselves legislated against, by some disaffected bureaucrat.

    Please take thirty seconds to vote for this, you can use your gmail, facebook or twitter logins to sign in:

If this idea can be the status quo in Columbus & Sacramento, hopefully it will become law in Seattle and spark a nation-wide trend: Just like Grunge Rock!

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gaber said...

+3! that site is a great idea.