Thursday, January 7, 2010

OMG Bonerjamz!

    At some point last night, the Team Nerdspeed blog here hit 10,000 views. Woo!

    Yesterday was my first day working with the Exhibit Design Team at EMP/SFM. Our first project is the renovation of Sound Lab, a permanent exhibit that offers musical instruction.  Even though it's been maintained  since the opening of the museum,  many of the systems are banged up or have reached the end of their service life. The computers in there are running Windows 98, for example. This project will require a lot of original fabrication and design, so I've been assigned to assist in the fabrication and design of the new components. EMP/SFM has two separate and well-equipped workshops, a wood shop and a metal shop -which is where I'll be spending my time mostly during this project.

A thousand apologies for these crappy pictures. Bonerfail! 



spookytunee said...


Philip Patrie said...

It seems like a place with the budget of the EMP would have a less blurry metal shop.

Joel said...

...and it's clean... that's not very rock and roll.

BRANDON said...

high five!