Saturday, August 29, 2009

Highway to the Dangerzone

Here at Team Nerdspeed, we spare no expense with R&D. Thankfully the US Air Force lent us an F-15C Eagle to help figure out which exhaust to use on Plan B. The kids over at Vespa-Ciao.NL chimed in too. The Calibrata & Fabrizi are the hawt shit pipes to have, but after some 9G-force inverted maneuvers the Simonini Especiale emerged as the best of the best, Goose. A real Maverick...anyways, so after it landed and cooled off, Jack and I gave it a thorough inspection.

Also on board is the Tillotson HL360. I got this on the way, then ordered the velocity stack. It's pretty much beyond awesome. Plan B is getting steadily more ferocious and I'm nearly ready to assemble. Giggity!


Zack said...

t-minus one week, or 6 days really!!!

Philip Patrie said...

That pipe really is smoking the Jet!

Bradley Smith said...

all i've been doing is looking up chainsaw carbs and random carbs on ebay looking for something that might fit with malossi cases. i have a 19phbg but everyone talks about mikuni and you're trying something completely different, which really intrigues me. also, as i'm sure you already know, but since that's a chainsaw carb, you'll be able to do flips all day long without carburetion interuption! i'm really excited to see this all put together. seriously.