Thursday, March 12, 2009

On like Chakka Khan

Ah! Thank you sweet money bags Uncle Sam. I got my tax return and decided to invest in awesomeness. At long, LONG last I am moving forward with the rebuilding of my furnace and will hopefully get to do some aluminum casting in the near future. The last time I cast anything was last summer. I built my custom cylinder mold back in August, and it's been waiting since then. My old set-up was fueled by charcoal, powered by a shop-vac, and housed in a pair of christmas cookie tins. But whatevs, it totally worked. With my extra nickel I've now got mizzou 3,000 degree castable refractory, a 1,610 degree infrared thermometer, and today a propane torch. I'm so stoked. giggity!

Also, last weekend, I decided to rebuild the wiring harness in my Puch. I bought it off of an old race announcer, it had seen plenty of track days and his kid beat it up pretty good. The loom next to the triple tree was wrapped up in duct tape, but the lighting was usually very reliable. But that was the past. Taking the duct tape off, the harness was pretty chewed. Looking at the Stock layout, I knew I could simplify a few things, so i rebuilt the harness for a aftermarket three-button switch. The harness is in the bike and I should have everything buttoned up soon.

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Philip Patrie said...

I'm excited to see you cast!