Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let's make a poster! (for reelz.)

Smokin' hot off the presses, I've got the first tiny batch of Moped Racing Posters! I think they came out pretty good. As you may or may not know, the whole idea is to sell these guys to:

A. Hype our shit, as nobody is going to do it for us.
B. Raise some dollars, to fuel my HRY team racer.

All proceeds will go directly into getting fast bikes on the track, and making moped racing awesome. -And that is a guarantee, friends. The posters are currently 11x17 (13x19 happening maybe someday) high-quality digital print on ivory medium cardstock for extra vintage flavors. Each one is numbered and initialed by "the artist". Things might be glitchy at first, as I'm still working the bugs out of Etsy / auto-shipping and I don't know how many to order(?) yeah, Want Some?

Get Some!

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Josh said...

Congratulations to Marc Wojcik of Marietta, GA. our first internet customer(!) (ever)