Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Quick and the Dead

First Up: HRY Racing Website is LIVE LIVE LIVE, boyyeeee! The hard work of Terry Dean is now available for your viewing & reference. I'm sure some changes will be made, but its a big step forward for the racing effort, helping us spread the good word. So far we've received nods from some decent sized and some huge ass sponsors, & I'm hoping we can lock one in -There are other big steps being made, but they won't go public until it's too late for the competition. Ha!

Question: How gay is Josh?
Answer: Pretty gay, last week I set up an Etsy store to better organize any future sales of my poster design and anything else i come up with. like Clothing for dogs, Record Album cover notebooks, screen-printed deer/squirrel/squid designs, custom hand-made cylinders etc.. anyhoo..

My Newport is giving me fits again. I got it running for but a brief beautiful moment yesterday before it reverted to its natural non-running state. With non-sexy results. This is getting pretty old, especially in view of the way I'm able to fix bikes like crazy that aren't my own. But as they say "the coblers' kids go barefoot". The scooter runs pretty good though... and I will say no more there. Finally, Liz's Mac has a warp feature:


Philip Patrie said...

Which pictures of you guys are warped?

Ian T said...

your cat looks so neat