Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Codename: Crash Masterson

Ah... Glistening Pacific Northwest Sunshine, alight across the splenor of charming Lake Union, downtown Seattle, Washington: USA. Thusly was the scene of my morning on this last Sunday. My Moped (see any prior blog posts) was giving me some trouble the last time I attempted to roll out for a Moped Monday. By trouble specifically I mean having me push it up the road some distance back to my apartment. Anyhoo, our tiff wasn't quite over, and Philip, aka Responsible John was christian enough to Not only invite me along for a Sunday ride, but even to offer his snazzy yellow Puch for me to ride(!) solid machine. quick. sexy. handles like a scalpel. There is no substitute. Not unmoved by his generosity, I quickly repaid him by ramming his gallant steed across the stern of Isaac's Maxi in full gallop. Yes, feeling like quite the ass.... Wasn't 'precisely' my fault, -but I was the rammer and not the rammed. -and certainly not the rammee. Barely clipping the rear of Isaac's machine, he made out rather well - being tumbled to the ground, scrape on the knuckle and busted epilette on his jacket. The clipping of our bikes was enough to send me aloft for a small moment, as well as the yellow Puch which certainly took the worst of it. Busted throttle assembly, tweaked forks, wrecked half-fairing, scratched fender. Arrgh. In all of my crashing it was probably one of my worst. I don't think I've ever nailed another moving vehicle like that. The only other worst one I can think of was high-siding my racing scooter, mid-race at CRP. I landed flat on my back, sans back-protector and couldn't move for about 30 seconds. It was scary.

Behold Elbow/Ego:
Phil was very congenial afterwards, and he and Matt made quick work of the damage done. In short order we were on our way again. The riding was actually pretty good, its nice to ride in a new city, especially one with hills. 70's San Francisco Cop-Movie-Car-Chase hills. rad. I'll be back soon enough. It will be epic.

In other news, Liz is kinda sorta actually riding now. Its around the neighborhood, and still getting the kinks out. But its happening! I think she might be more comfortable riding a smallframe than a P200, but I suspect she's too attached to her bike to trade it. (...excellent...) She tried riding my Newport also, but the moped was giving her a little too much sassafras. Looking at that picture now, we need to get her a horncast, otherwise her bike is too tuff to mess with.

Also, the job search is going on and on. Its been nearly two months(!) I'm basically out of money. It's fucking lame. I had an interview/lunch last friday with some people from a local design firm. It was a good lunch and it was really cool to talk to some designy people. I already knew there was no work with them, I was kind hoping for a dialogue or some direction. They told me that my portfolio needs quite abit of work, which is true. (...) So I definitely need to get something else going on. Anybody got suggestions?? Would you like to supersize that?

In other top secret news, when the racing shit starts happening -to quote, umm.... hairdressers... its gonna be fierce as hell. The whole program; riders, machines, mascots... Betta Wreckognize! HRY Racing: Dig it.

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Philip Patrie said...

This man can crash! And he's short on cash!