Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Everybody loves Port Maps!

           Lots of people know what a Port Map is. The number of people who know how to interpret these primitive etchings continues to grow. I've been collecting port maps for the last decade or so, at the various shops that I've worked at. Now I'll share a few, the highlight reel anyway. Sorry about my chickenscratch handwriting and lunatic scribblings, also.

Jawa 207 

 Laura M48 / Batavus

Honda NSR50

Crazy 80's Eurocilindro 125 LC for Vespa Smallframe

Honda RS125

 Malossi 172 Italjet Dragster

Polini 43mm for Vespa Ciao 

Polini 177 for Vespa largeframe

Gilardoni 75cc for Puch 

DR102cc for Vespa 50 smallframe 

Malossi 136cc for Vespa Smallframe 125


Graham Motzing said...

some day when i get ambitious, i might take my port map fiche and scan them all in, then trace them in autocad.

someone should get a page going on the moped wiki

Paul McIntosh said...

YOu might like these port maps :)