Saturday, October 2, 2010

OK, some things are 87% done.

The other day I had my first measure of success vacu-forming a clear flywheel cover for a Puch engine. The mod I mentioned in the previous blog post definitely helped and the plastic did exactly as it was supposed to, and fitted the shape perfectly. At this point I hadn't considered how difficult removal of the plastic would be, especially since the buck has a zero draft angle. As a result, getting the plastic piece off the vacu-form rig was pretty dodgy and I cracked and chipped my piece in a few places. Some good things came of it though. I now have a built in mechanism for removing the part off of the rig & I'll now use a slightly thicker plastic for better durability.


Philip Patrie said...

What are you going to do with your millions? Don't forget, I have dibs on the first, and I want you to sign the inside with gold pen.

terrydean said...

be sure you sign it backwards, so that it's the right way when viewed from the out side!

are you making these just pulling them over a stock cover? if so, they will be too big! aaah!

also, how come you don't make your own, smooth cover rather than mimicking the puch cover with the ring in the middle? or are you planning on putting the puch logo back in there?

terrydean said...

btws, i'm stoked you're playing with vaccu-forming! i did a bit myself back in seattle when i was going to ai and it's a lot of fun! always wanted to make my own cabinet.. maybe someday!

Graham Motzing said...

for the love of god i want to see this done just so people will stop bitching about it.

its not even like puchs have cool flywheels or anything. the only way this would be sweet is if you had like neons on your stator in which case it would be stupider but at least make some sort of sense.

so glad these will finally be on the market so people can STFU.

Anonymous said...

that's brilliant!