Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That's called progress

-but not quite there yet. I cast another mold yesterday, this time applying my library gained knowledge of last month. The results were definitely better than the last time, but not quite there yet. Specifically, I used a smaller, narrower crucible filled with all the same alloy of aluminum (6061) and cast it at a lower temperature, with minimal stirring. All of these things were done to reduce the amount of gas being absorbed by the metal. Looking at the results, it appears as if it was cast at too low a temperature (1250F). It also appears that some residual wax in the mold created gas pockets that couldn't escape.  So I still need to improve the mold design for flow, and pour it just a smidge hotter. 

    In scene drama news, I got some poetically simple bumpers stickers in the mail from Dave of the Elm City Scooter Club. Thanks Dave. As many of you already know, there are too many scooters out there, and the vast, vast bulk of them are dumb plastic ones. This is a piece of common ground between mopeders and vintage scooterists, and an especially big bummer for the vintage scooter scene; who are constantly assailed by pithy pleas for acceptance and validation by humorless modern plastic riders. Elm City slices to the core of these matters, usually in less than four words. Here's to you Elm City, for calling a spade a spade in these lackluster, apologetic times.

Also, expect some development in the next few days on the Racer/ Long Term project front. 


Philip Patrie said...

When you are successful in this endeavor, I'll remove Travis' title and proclaim you "Smartest in the Fleet"

Let's try running a wax one and see how it holds up to gas. :P

deanhatesyou said...

stoked for racer updates! where they at?!

Casey Cook said...

Hey Josh,
Try using a high-silicon alloy designed for casting like A356,
old car transmission cases are a great source for this.
6061 is awesome for machined parts but I was never able to successfully cast anything from it.