Friday, June 12, 2009

Aluminate my life

Ok, so I still haven't worked out my aluminum casting process enough to trust trying to pour my cylinder yet. I made these test shapes to try out different temperatures and chemical combos to get it all sorted. These definitely came out better than my manifold, but my gate design had problems and the styrofoam created problems. The aluminum was definitely higher quality. I scooped out the dross twice and used the full chemical arsenal. I also poured it at a higher temperature, around 1,500, which may have contributed to the gate problems. Anyhoo, I'll pour another test and if it goes well, then the cylinder(!)

The other night, Naz and I worked on the Plan B engine cases. Naz ended up welding alot of beef onto the vespa motor.

Finally, Liz has purchased a 4-spd 110cc motor for her Super Cub. 12V lighting, electronic ignition, and TORQUE! without SLUDGE! (inside joke)


Liz said...

torque.... without sludge or slop.....

Philip Patrie said...

Let's see the super cub!