Friday, June 5, 2009

Oceans of Rage

Josh (team nerdspeed) is not a happy boy right now. Oh the grand ruse that is "art school" or design vocations in general. If I had simply followed my 16 yr. old career path of Lifeguarding and Blockbuster Video, I might actually be slightly more employable right now. Extrapolate that a few years, and there'd be a chance that I'd be racing against Jeff, Jimmy, Tommy, Dean & Quintos this weekend instead of heckling them from my computer (or at the shop). So, here's an opportunity to evaluate this year's racing campaign and my life in general: I need more money. Everytime I meet someone who does computer bullshit, they seem to have a job. Maybe a house and a car too. So I need to go back to school to learn computer bullshit so I can afford to race. And pay rent. The good news is thus:

-I have an entry-level job at a tourist attraction
-I have all of my limbs and digits
-I have excellent vision
-Liz's '62 Super Cub seems to be running better now
-I am free of Cholera and Spanish Influenza
-I am not Super Morbidly Obese, just slightly pudgy


-T said...

Mmmmm, what's under that blanket? Congrats on losing all that weight, Josh.

And, I saw your cases and the Si frame at the shop yesterday. They're both a lil' rough but are deff on their way to being hot looking and blast worthy.

Philip Patrie said...

At least you can come and have pancakes with your Mosquito Fleet friends tomorrow morning!